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Death Begins with Deception

Death Begins with Deception Cover Image

K.A. Bachus

August 24, 2022

Unless you are one of the small number of Homo sapiens who thinks it is okay, necessary even, to slaughter large numbers of people who disagree with you in order to solve our problems, you are wondering what you can do to avoid falling for such a scheme, either as perpetrator or victim. Because those with such a plan usually are not explicit about it until rather late in the game.

The turn can seem exceedingly sudden. Hitler got himself appointed (not elected) as chancellor in January 1933. He invaded Czechoslovakia in 1938, Poland on 1 September 1939, Lithuania on 22 June 1941.

By December, 1941, eighty percent of Lithuanian Jews were dead. The minimum number of dead by the end of WWII four years later was 165,000. Almost seven percent of the country’s population had perished. Most estimates are much higher.

So, what can any normal, peaceful, largely powerless person do?

Pay attention.


Of course, some adherents of any economic theory can decide the best way to improve people is to kill them, but these days, it is once again what we call 'right wing' parties whose message has resonated with enough people to make their growing power a concern.

Below is a list of a few of the top far right or outright fascist groups in some of the countries of my readers. I offer it as an aid to paying attention to and verifying who you may be encountering. Watch for their affiliations. This does not mean left wing ideologies are incapable of killing large numbers of us. They are simply not even on the violence radar these days. Today's problem is primarily religious or right wing. Most of this information comes from Wikipedia and is listed alphabetically by country.


Australian National Socialist Party

National Socialist Party of Australia (the other name was taken)

Centre Party (an example of a name that disguises)


Canadian Association for Free Expression (another deceptive title)

Canadian Union of Fascists (no deception there)

White Boy Posse (out and proud)


National Socialist Workers’ Party of Denmark

National Socialist Movement of Denmark (movement no doubt the result of a dispute over doctrine)

Party of the Danes


The National Democratic Party of Germany (has held  elected office)

The Immortals (with flash mobs and torches)

The III Path (relatively new group)


Dutch People’s Union (includes members from Flanders in Belgium)

South Africa

Blanke (straightforward name)

Herstigte Nasionale Party (has held office)

United Kingdom

In the interests of brevity, I picked only modern parties still active and with interesting names

Combat 18 (lest the emphasis be in doubt)

League of St. George (do they wear a particular tie?)

November 9th Society (four days late for Guy Fawks)

And last, my own country, The United States of America:

First, the surprises:

The Base (I recommend looking up accelerationism)

Hutaree (Look up apocalypticism) 

La Porte Church of Christ (Research Christian Identity)

This name cracks me up: Libertarian National Socialist Green Party. The word 'national' betrays the true purpose of a fascist party, a purpose not generally endorsed by libertarians, socialists or greens. Over the top deception.

Next, the more violent:

The Proud Boys

Oath Keepers

Pay attention to all these groups. Learn their methods of deception, and most of all, who their fellow travelers are, the people and groups who agree with them. While you may not agree with an out-an-out fascist party, one of their allies may be closer than is comfortable. The ultimate result will not be far behind.

Beware of deception. Investigate. Verify.

Image by from Pixabay